Reliable IT Environments (RITEL) measures all aspects of your data centre environment, using the most up-to-date and relevant techniques and equipment. Each audit is performed by highly experienced staff, adept at quantifying performance and recognising conditions that could impact your business. The Reliable  IT Environmental Audit examines:

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Data Centre Environmental Audit - a Holistic Approach

When you want to really understand your data centre

All findings are compared with the latest industry standards, best practice standards, and our own database of results so that you receive best-of-breed information.  The findings are presented in a comprehensive, fully illustrated report in which areas of concern are highlighted, well explained and accompanied by practical recommendations.

How the RITEL data centre audit has prevented problems

Audit uncovered source of ‘not-yet-mature’ zinc whiskers which were then removed before causing problems

Routine sampling of raised floor pedestals revealed zinc whiskers.  The longest whisker was only 200 microns, less than the critical length known to cause problems with electronic circuitry. Zinc whiskers continue to grow, albeit at a slower rate as time progresses, until they may be dislodged and cause a reliability problem. Because of the location of these whiskers (in the floor void which was subjected to directed airflow) longer whiskers could present reliability problems, by causing short circuits in voltage driven (CMOS) chips. We recommended that the whiskers be removed soon, while they were still short and unlikely to cause a problem, then the area should be monitored for future whisker growth.

EDX analysis of a zinc whisker showing two peaks, each labelled zinc

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