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Advice during design and build phase.   Because of our unique expertise in all aspects of the data centre environment, we are often called in to work with the design engineers and architects to ensure that the optimum environmental factors  are incorporated into the centre right from the start. We advise on materials specification, layout plans, power provision, proposed airflow designs etc. and can ensure that all these aspects are in accordance with CDM regulation requirements.  During the build phase, we can periodically check to ensure that specifications have been correctly implemented.  

New-Build Validation, Hand-over Testing and ISO 14644-1 Validation

Using testing and validation to prevent problems in a data centre

Client ordered nickel-plated floor components, but zinc-plated arrived and were installed

We were called in to validate the condition of a new floor in a data centre.  We found that, even though the client had specified nickel-plated pedestals, zinc-plated pedestals had been installed.  This issue was sorted out between the client and their supplier, and ultimately, the potential whisker growing pedestals were replaced.    

While doing air particle measurements, spotted zinc-plated stringers

While investigating the floor void as a part of  a routine particle count measurement, our expert spotted an area under the floor that contained zinc-plated stringers. The client was able to replace the potential whisker growing stringers with hot-dipped stringers, before any kit was moved into the room.


When independent expert advice and testing are crucial

Air particle measurement testing for handover report. We can measure airborne particles and verify their levels according to ISO Standard 14644-1.  This can be done as an individual exercise, or as part of a new-build handover report. We measure for particle density at key areas such as near each air handler, fresh air, fresh air makeup, and at 2 metre intervals through the room.  If the particle count appears high, we will try to determine the cause.  If required, we can also do pre- and post- air particle measurements for our own cleaning engagements.  

Independent, end-to-end, environmental testing for new-builds. Our new build verification test case database provides independent confirmation that a computer room is fit for purpose. We work with all project engineers and contractors to compile a set of comprehensive, cohesive test cases that will stress all aspects of the data centre environment operation, ideally before the room is fully populated. Our verification database testing is the only end-to-end test that addresses all environmental aspects of the room prior to the room being handed over to its new owners.

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