To send a print sample to Reliable IT Environments Ltd, please follow these instructions to ensure accurate and fast reporting:

Step 1 - If you haven’t sent a paper sample to us before, contact us to organise billing and reporting procedures.

Step 2 - Select and wrap the paper sample.

If possible, select about a 1 cm thick sample. The outer sheets will change slightly in moisture content, but 1 cm allows us to measure in the centre of the depth where there will have been little change. Try not to select from the outside of a roll or stack if possible as this will have been affected by storage environment. Seal the sample completely in aluminium foil and tape the foil down. Because the foil is fragile and prone to tear, wrap cling film around the foil if possible.

Shipping, particularly by post, can take up to 5 days so wrapping is important to ensure the paper stays in the condition in which it was collected at the client site. Plastic (cling) film breathes and will allow moisture to be lost particularly if the paper starts off excessively wet. The only sure seal is aluminium baking foil. If you are sending more than one 1 cm thick sample, wrap each sample individually to avoid cross flow of moisture between samples in the same package.

Step 3 - Ship the paper sample to:

Reliable IT Environments Ltd.
40 Valley Road
Chandlers Ford
Eastleigh, Hants.
SO53 1GP
United Kingdom

Step 4 - Tell us about the sample.

On the day of posting or other transmission, send an e-mail to: with the following information:

How to Send a Print/Paper Sample

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