Commercial performance, whether for cut sheet or continuous form printers, can be impaired by local conditions outside the printers themselves. Such problems may lie in the paper you are using, its storage conditions, or the environment housing the printers. We offer,

Print Room Environmental Audit and Print Paper Analysis

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On-site Print Room Environmental Audit

Rapid, Low-Cost Print Paper Analysis

Solving clients’ problems

Overnight print run failure traced to overloaded UPS

On UPS power, at high load, an undesirable oscillation was introduced into the waveform.

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A large overnight print run repeatedly failed, leading to complicated and expensive partial reruns. Our power monitoring showed that at high load the UPS developed a high frequency 'ringing' on neutral, before switching to bypass. A peak-to-peak voltage of between 17.5v and 19v was recorded. This is high enough to cause silicon circuitry to fail. A more detailed examination of the waveform showed it to comprise principally a 1.1 - 1.2 kHz component. When in bypass on utility power, the N-G voltage fell to a more reasonable < 12v peak-to-peak. The issue was identified as an overloaded UPS set.  We recommended that the printing system be removed from the UPS, pending a power capacity upgrade.

On utility power, N-G p/p voltage was less than 12v. This is fairly typical for neutral - ground behaviour. A more detailed examination of the oscillating waveform showed it to comprise principally a 1.1 - 1.2 kHz component.



We visit print operation locations and identify environmental conditions that may contribute to degraded performance and poor final print quality.

If you suspect that your paper may be causing problems, send us a sample. Our experts analyse various characteristics and can return a verdict often within 24 hours of receiving the paper sample.

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