1.   We are experienced. Our top expert has 30 years of working in computer technologies and the data centre environment.  We have a deep understanding of the science behind the technology. Our highly qualified staff understand completely the care required to work within a live data centre and each has at least 10 years data-centre experience.  We’ve seen the inside of enough data centres to know what works and what doesn’t. Our recommendations are born out of experience and common sense.  

2.    We offer a holistic view. While running a data centre you will come across a great many experts.  Air flow experts, BMS experts, floor component experts, IT component experts.  Each can usually guarantee that their part works, but does it all work together?  Our unusual mix of experience and understanding in all aspects of a data centre, from the individual IT component level to room-wide global environmental factors, gives us a unique and valuable perspective when diagnosing problems or making recommendations.

3.    We are trusted and discrete. We value our relationships with our clients.  And our clients generally appreciate our discretion. We do not discuss or name our clients at any time, with anyone. When we share any of our previous experiences relating to a particular case, all identifying features are removed or anonymised.  

4.   We are responsive and flexible.  Like you, we are a 24-hour business.  We operate a 24-hour emergency hotline for disaster recovery.  Our engagements and visits are scheduled to suit our clients’ requirements.

5.   We are independent. We use our own calibrated equipment to take measurements.  Sometimes we find that our results conflict with what in-house monitoring equipment is reporting, and usually, when we dig deeper, we find that is the root of the problem.  We are not aligned with any component manufacturer so our analysis is truly objective.

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