RITEL Privacy Policy

RITEL does not use cookies on its website.  When you visit our website, your IP address and entry point (although they are not linked to each other) are noted by our hosting provider and visible in a usage report.

When you send an email to RITEL, the information included in the email such as your name, IP address, contact details, and any other information you give us, is held on a secure computer on RITEL premises.  All subsequent correspondence and resulting documents (for example, reports, test results) are kept on a secure computer and backed up to an off-line facility on RITEL premises.  This information is archived permanently, as it is often useful to compare Data Centre site data over a period of time.  

If you become a client, our accounting software holds details such as company name, contact person, contact details, invoice details and amounts.  This information is archived for as long as is required by law.

We do not share any identifying information about you or your company without first gaining your expressed permission. 

Information, data and records relating to our clients, suppliers and employees is stored securely and accessible only by authorised staff.  Access to all data is secured by RITEL's Data Controller who has taken the appropriate technical and other measures to prevent unauthorised sharing.

All our clients, suppliers and employees have the right to access and review the data we hold on them.  They all have the right to correct, block or erase their own information at any time.  If you wish your data to be changed or erased, please start the process by sending an email to info@ritel.co.uk.