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ISO 14644-1 Particle Count Reporting

For independent measurement of airborne particles according to ISO Standard 14644-1. If the particle counts are high, we will determine the cause. 


Salt in your servers?

If you are using free cooling and within 10-15 km of a coast, or are using evaporative cooling or ultrasonic humidification, then it is more important than ever to monitor humidity levels.


Contamination Testing

We use various methods to determine the chemical nature of the contamination (dust, zinc whiskers, airborne corrosive agents).  An analysis can tell you if there is cause for concern and help pinpoint the source of the contamination.  Samples via post or on-site collection.


Data centre walkway with white glowing light

Data Centre Environmental Audit

The most complete data centre audit available - independent measurements of power, airflow, contamination, zinc whiskers, temperature and humidity and much more - all compiled into a comprehensible report complete with recommendations.

Tweezers picking a chip off a circuit board

IT Component Failure and Analysis

Understand exactly why an IT component failed. Was it a manufacturer fault, or an environmental cause?

Electron microscope image of many zinc whiskers

Zinc Whisker Survey, Testing and Remediation

If you suspect a zinc whiskers problem, we can identify and remove the contamination safely and with no downtime.

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Data Centre Power Survey

We measure key parameters such as neutral-ground voltage, harmonics, voltage stability, leakage currents, wave shape, then scrutinise the data. We attempt to track down the cause of any anomalies, and present the findings in a comprehensive report, along with any recommendations.

Architect's line drawing

New-build Testing, Handover Validation Reporting, Particle Counting

We provide independent end-to-end environmental testing for new-builds, ISO 14644-1 particle count verification, consultation services during the planning stage for new data centres.

Electron microscope image of street dust

Data Centre Contamination Analysis

Although rare, some types of contamination (salt, diesel fumes, print room byproducts) can enter a data centre and promote failures. We can set corrosion coupons or take samples and use optical, and electron and X-ray emission (SEM) microscopy to determine the chemical nature and source of the contamination.

Large print room

Print Room Environmental Audit

Similar to a data centre audit, we identify environmental conditions that may contribute to degraded performance and poor final print quality. Includes comprehensive report with recommendations.

Image of print toner on a page, some of the toner not sticking

Print Paper Analysis

If you suspect that your paper may be causing problems, send us a sample. Our experts analyse various characteristics and can return a verdict often within 24 hours of receiving the paper sample.

Coarse, light coloured, particles covering server fronts

Data Centre Decontamination and Cleaning

Our specialist technicians clean floor voids, ceiling voids, inside racks and computers safely and with no downtime. Each operation is tailored to your unique requirements. Emergency cleans.


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