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John Wood received his first degree (Physics) and his doctorate from the University of Bristol.  While a laboratory-based Materials Scientist at IBM, John was responsible for analysing component field failures and for the design of many innovative IT components including the transducer on the world’s first touch screen monitor, the encapsulation of the first chip on flex disk file circuits, custom silicon chips, printed circuit boards, packaging and flexible circuits, disk files and monitors.  Later, as a Senior Advisory Scientist, his experience of environmentally testing components led him to investigate and resolve machine room environmental problems and digital printing issues in IBM customer sites across Europe.

Our client confidentiality policy

John has worked and taught at Cambridge, is an inventor on four patents (all assigned to IBM), and the author of more than 25 published papers covering passive display systems, corrosion, theoretical chemistry, electron physics and electron emission analysis, and vacuum systems. Known in the industry as Dr. Dust, John’s highly successful approach to problem solving is simple - establish the facts, recognise the anomalies, find the most practical solution possible - an ethos he has passed on to the team.

John gathered a talented team who understand the intricate and complex challenges involved with maintaining a reliable data centre. Our clients are primarily financial institutions, insurance and communications companies, utilities, third party providers and large retailers. We provide them with independent, practical guidance on all aspects of the data centre environment.

We’d love to crow about how significant our clients are, but, we also understand how important commercial discretion is to our clients.  Therefore, we do not discuss or name our clients at any time, with anyone.  That’s why you won’t see any of our clients’ logos on our website.  If we share any of our previous experiences relating to a particular case, all identifying features are removed or anonymised.

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Reliable IT Environments Limited is a group of IT environment experts offering an intelligent, independent, common-sense approach to analysing, quantifying and rectifying data centre environment problems.  Reliable IT Environments Limited (RITEL) was founded by Dr. John Wood in 2001. John worked for IBM for over 20 years, and, since 1995, had been investigating and remedying both machine room environmental problems and digital printing issues for IBM in customer sites across Europe. In 2001, IBM UK decided that it no longer intended to provide full audit and environmental expertise as a service to its customers and Reliable IT Environments was formed.

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