Each data centre clean is tailored to your unique requirements and carried out by our trained experts who understand the complexities of working in a specialised environment.  Typically, the process involves carefully wiping surfaces of equipment, underside of floor tiles, stringers and pedestals with tacky cloths, or vacuuming using HEPA-filtered vacuums. If appropriate, decontamination can be accompanied by a mini report that includes pre- and post-clean measurements such as particle counts, contamination or zinc whisker analysis. All operations are preceded by NEBOSH-compliant and fully agreed method statements and risk assessments.  Cleaning operations can include, if requested:

Data Centre Cleaning and Decontamination

Solving clients’ problems

Disaster recovery - Cleaned burst ceiling tiles

A burst sound-deadening mat in an air handler unit filled the floor void and machine room with glass fibre material. Our technicians cleaned the data centre using a fully risk-assessed process with appropriate PPE (double gloved hands, full protective clean room suits, face masks) with no interruption to service.  

Disaster recovery - Cleaned burst sound-deadening mat

The client’s ceiling came down because of a gas discharge. The detector head had been triggered by a false alarm, then the gas system armed itself and was discharged in error.  This filled the room with broken ceiling tiles and dust from the ceiling void. The dust coated everything in room, including an open-topped tape library. A builders’ clean had been completed but we followed that with a clinical clean, which included the interior of server cabinets and the tape library. We restored the room to better than ISO Class 8 standard.

Dust contamination collecting on the front of a server.  Shows a server case.

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Zinc Whisker Identification and Removal

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